Injectalia started its activity in 2005 and is located in Rome’s industrial area of Pomezia. The facility belonged to an important Italian pharmaceutical company,was then bought and revamped by the Orofino Pharmaceuticals Group. Today Injectalia,after some important investments in new technology,in different segregated buildings,mainly manufactures pharmaceutical products under different forms:
  • Pre-filled syringes
  • Vials
  • Aseptic filling of solutions and diluents in ampoules
Injectalia also produces:

Hormones (prefilled syringes, vials)

  • Corticosteroids

Biologicals (prefilled syringes, vials)
  • Heparins

Biologicals (prefilled syringes, vials)
  • Vaccines UA
Small Chemicals Entities (prefilled syringes)
Solvent/Diluent (ampoules)
Cell factory

The new pre-filled syringes line boasts high standards of quality and the possibility of manufacturing syringes with many different cover needle devices to avoid the risk of needle stick injury. The new line guarantees high-quality standards,high performance in terms of production volume capacity and a wide range of products at really competitive costs thanks to the high speed of this line.
With the new aseptic filling of solutions and diluents in ampoules,Injectalia is also ready to produce high quality injectables at very competitive prices. Injectalia has obtained the authorization for the clinical trials of biotech products. Recently Injectalia has developed a branch devoted entirely to Advanced Therapy, personalized medicine, cell based-therapies, tissue engineering and 3D-printing. These advanced therapies, set up with support of internationally acclaimed scientific experts for know-how transfer, represent revolutionary treatments for a number of diseases or injuries, such as skin and cartilage reconstruction, organoid tissues in rare disease malformations and dystrophy. These products have huge potential for patients and drive the industry to a leading position in helping to treat pathologies with an important social impact,as public health, given the high cost of innovative pharmaceutical product,cannot cover the increasing demands. Recently Injectalia invested in autoinjector technology for PFS product development.