BIOPHARMA started its activities in 1995 and today is a leading ß -lactams antibiotics manufacturer, with a wide, global and skilled experience in contract manufacturing. The facility, located in Rome’s industrial area of Santa Palomba, is approved by the Italian Authority for the oral and injectable products and by the FDA for injectable ones.

Biopharma produces the following products in totally segregated buildings:

Penicillins (sterile vials, prefilled syringes, tablets, capsules, sachets)

Cephalosporins (sterile vials)

Carbapenems (sterile vials, QDC-Prefilled syringes in double chamber – Under Construction)
The new Carbapenems sterile department will be inaugurated in the spring of 2018.

Thanks to the continuous investment effort and to the implementation of new technology, Biopharma offers a very high-quality service and assures a complete regulatory assistance to its customers.