Achir Pharma

From the collaboration between a renowned company for the high quality of its cosmetic products and Achir Pharma, the new line named TOTEM has been developed. The line has been created to satisfy a wide range of applications. Totem is a multiple container composed of jars that are screwed on each other, this closing process allows the rotation of each jar without detaching the others. The new container TOTEM allows the combination of different products in the same pack. The final packaging has a plastic film protection named “sleeve”, term retractile used for guarantee seal. This multiple container, for example,  is the solution to have in just one pack the wide range of solar products, which respects a scientific protocol of a sunshine gradual exposure. In just one container will be disposable solar cream with different sun protection factors composed in a decreasing scale (spf 30, spf 20, spf 10, spf5). With Totem the consumer can utilise the right quantity of sun-cream that guarantees a gradual and perfect tan.